2 Major Tips When Hiring a Crane for Building a Shipping Container Home

What was once a simple device to transport goods across the sea, the humble shipping container has now become the latest trend in modern housing. Containers that have passed their seafaring years are now being turned into beautiful places where a family can live. You may have already sourced your containers and you have an idea of where you are going to place them on your property; if so, you need to think about how you are going to get them sitting perfectly on their new foundation. You will have to hire a crane for this task, but you need to do your homework before you pick up the phone to do so.

Know What Type of Crane You Need

Before you order a crane to help place your new shipping container on its foundation on your property, you need to know the weight of the container. Shipping containers come in two sizes, and this sizing will determine the type of crane you need. A 20-foot container weighs 2,300 kg and a 40-foot container weighs 3,750 kg when empty. While it may be tempting to simply have the container delivered on a tilt tray truck, foundation breakage can occur if the container slides off the tilt tray too fast and lands heavily on the concrete. A controlled crane lift will minimise the chances of foundation damage.

When you call your local crane hire company, let them know the weight and size of container you have purchased so they can recommend the most cost-effective rental for the job. Make sure you let the hire company know what type of ground the crane will need to travel across to reach the home's foundation. For example, if the container is going onto an undeveloped piece of land that is rough and bumpy, a crane that can move off-road will be required for this task.

You will need the crane for a one-day hire so you can also prepare the underneath of the container before it is placed on its foundation.

Make the Most of Your Crane Hire

When the crane is on site and it has hoisted the shipping container into the air, but before the container is placed onto its foundation, this is the perfect time to prepare the underneath of the container so it is fully protected from pest or weather damage once it is in place.

Using a sandblaster is a fast way to clean the underneath of the container. The pressurised sand is fired at the container and the ultra-fine particles will help to strip away any dirt attached to the container base. You want to remove this debris for two reasons:

  • If there is any moisture in the dirt attached to the base of the container, it could turn to rust after the container is placed on the foundation. This rust could eat through the base of the container over a period of time and eventually turn into a hole in the floor of your home.
  • If you want to spray insulation foam onto the base of the container before it placed on the foundation, the base needs to be clean so the foam sticks to the base and doesn't come loose over time.

A sandblasting contractor will be able to clean the bottom of the container for you so make sure they are booked for the same day as the crane so you can get multiple tasks accomplished. Additionally, have the insulator also on site if you wish to spray foam insulation onto the base. Since you will only have the crane on site for a short period of time, this is the most cost efficient way to optimise your access to the base of the container.

A shipping container home is an exciting project to be involved in, and now you can have confidence in making the right crane hire choice for the job ahead. For more details or assistance, contact services like Freo Group.