How to Find the Best Rental Business for Your Heavy Construction Equipment Hire

Heavy construction equipment are built to be powerful so they can match the demands of large construction projects. When it is time to rent these equipment for your particular job, you'll need to choose what's right for you from a wide assortment of products offered by many different construction equipment rental companies operating out there. 

A big challenge is that almost every rental business tends to market itself as the best option on the market. Unless you are a seasoned renter of heavy construction machinery, you might not be able to find the best rental company for your equipment hire. 

Follow these guide to ensure you hire heavy construction equipment from a rental company that's right for you.

Equipment availability

As mentioned earlier, there is an extensive selection of heavy construction equipment available for hire. However, not all rental companies offer a complete range of products for contractors and construction companies to choose from. 

When you are looking for a company that you can rent heavy construction equipment from, it is important to partner with a business that specialises in renting out a wide range of equipment types, makes and models. That way, they can provide you with the exact type of equipment required for your job.

Proximity to the project site

As a construction contractor or company, you will need to work from different sites or locations. For that reason, another important factor to consider when you are looking for a rental company is its proximity to the construction site. This is because equipment transport costs vary based upon the distance between the offices of the rental business and the job site. 

Generally speaking, it costs less to transport heavy construction equipment to work sites located near the premises of the rental company. Therefore, you should consider finding a rental company that's close to your construction site.

Customer service

When you are choosing a rental company, you should make sure to consider the level of customer service that is offered. There should be trained staff to help assess your job requirements and recommend the most appropriate equipment for the job. If you do not have trained operators, you should hire equipment from a provider that offers the wet hire option. That way, you can rent the construction equipment you want together with trained operators.

Rental rates

Rental rates for construction equipment varies depending on the type of equipment you hire. It's a delicate balancing act, but you should always strive to find a rental business that can supply you with the most suitable equipment at an affordable price.