Why Slide Rail Shoring System Is Best for Projects in Confined Spaces

Digging trenches in confined spaces such as a two-lane highway or between city blocks can be challenging. Not only do contractors have to think about the safety of workers, but they also have to ensure that projects are delivered within schedule. If you have never dug a trench in a confined space, then you need a slide rail shoring system instead of a trench box. Since it is made from vertical sheeting and a trench support system, a slide rail shoring system is the perfect replacement for the conventional steel sheeting shoring system. This article highlights the reasons why a slide rail system is the best option for tight trenches.

Simultaneous Excavation and Protection 

With most trenching projects, the trench is first excavated then the shoring equipment is installed once the desired depth is reached. It is especially the case for trenching projects in spacious worksites. However, since there is not enough space to store shoring equipment in a confined worksite, simultaneous excavation and protection are necessary. A slide rail shoring system is the only shoring equipment that can achieve this. Once a pilot trench is ready, outer panels and corner posts are put into place and added as the excavation continues. The panels are pushed deeper until the desired depth is reached. A contractor, therefore, does not have to worry about storing the shoring equipment until the excavation is complete.  

No Vibrations

When digging trenches in tight spaces, the last thing you want is excess vibrations. It is because vibrations disturb the soil profile and ground structures such as foundations or piping that can lead to damages. Furthermore, excess vibrations can cause environmental disturbances in the form of sound pollution especially if the project is between city blocks. With a slide rail shoring system, the amount of vibrations is significantly reduced. If the soil conditions are right, the corner posts and shoring panels can be easily driven into the ground by force from a crane's bucket. The ultimate result is a quiet project site.

No Interruptions in All Trenching Work Phases 

When working inside a trench in a confined space, interruptions should be kept at a minimum. Therefore, work should transition from one phase to the next in a smooth fashion. It is achievable with the H-shape of a slide rail's rolling strut. For example, when installing the slide rail system, the rolling strut is located on the floor of the trench. It leaves a clear view of the excavation operator to proceed with the excavation process. Once the excavation is complete, the rolling strut can easily be removed to create more room so that workers can begin the project.

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