Safety Tips During Foundation Drilling

Foundation drilling and digging presents a lot of risks. As such, contractors must take adequate safety measures to prevent the loss of life and damage to property. Read the extract below to learn some safety tips to observe during foundation drilling

Hazard Analysis

Conduct a hazard analysis to examine the various risks you are exposed to when digging the foundation. For example, if you will have underground floors, you must consider the strength of the soil and how you will deal with underground water reservoirs. Evaluate the probability of encountering underground hazards such as dangerous minerals and gasses.

The hazard analysis will also comprise an emergency plan. For instance, some of the employees at the site should have first aid skills. Besides, you should have first aid boxes and emergency contacts. Use barricade tapes to prevent unauthorised personnel and members of the public from accessing the area. 

Safety When Using Earthmovers

Below are some safety measures to observe when using earthmovers and drill rigs; 

  • The equipment should be operated by skilled and qualified personnel.
  • Earthmovers and rigs should be inspected daily for hydraulic system failures, braking problems, engine leaks, cracks, and lubricant levels. Besides, they should be serviced at regular intervals.
  • Do not use the earthmovers to hoist personnel at the site.
  • The equipment should not be used during severe weather conditions such as storms and rains. Operators may have reduced visibility. Besides, the machines could slide or skid under load.
  • Overhead hazards such as low-lying branches and electrical cables could cause accidents at the site. 

Worker's Safety

Your employees must be safe at the site. Provide them with protective clothing such as helmets, reflector jackets, boots, and googles. Fall protection systems must be used if employees will access elevated places. Effect an appropriate communication strategy between employees and earthmover operators. For instance, you could use flags, warning lights, hand signals, walkie-talkies. In cases where you have tens of employees at the site, have a site supervisor to ensure they observe safety while working. 


An insurance cover will prevent financial loss in case of an accident. Most clients will ask that you have a general liability cover appropriate for the work you will perform. Besides, you must have an employee liability insurance policy to cover your workers and any subcontractors at the site. All heavy construction equipment and vehicles should have a comprehensive insurance policy. 

Top safety tips during foundation drilling include; conducting a hazard analysis, observing safety when using earthmovers and rigs, prioritising employee safety, and having adequate insurance coverage.