What Should You Know About Renting a Tower Crane for the First Time?

You might have worked with a crane rental company to rent one or more cranes in the past, but you might have never had to rent a tower crane before. Alternatively, you might have never been in a situation in which you needed to rent a crane at all. Now, though, it might be time for you to rent a tower crane, which is a very popular crane type that you should be able to find from most crane rental companies. These are some of the main things that you are probably going to want to know about renting a tower crane for the first time.

Set-Up Is Often Included

When you rent a tower crane from a crane rental company, there is a good chance that the company will both deliver the crane to your worksite and help with setting it up. This is a more valuable perk than you might realize. After all, unlike some other types of cranes—such as truck cranes, which can be driven to the place where they will be used and require very minimal set-up—tower cranes can require quite some time and effort to set up. If you don't know how to set up a tower crane, you'll probably be happy to have some professional help with getting the job done so that you can put the crane to work as soon as possible.

These Cranes Are Typically Very Stable

Because of their weight and design, tower cranes are typically considered to be one of the most stable crane types that you can rent. As long as set-up is done properly on nice, level ground, you should not have to worry about the tower crane not remaining stable while you're renting it. Plus, because of this stability, tower cranes are often able to handle more weight than other types of cranes.

They're Often Much Taller

Another difference that you might notice between tower cranes and other types of cranes that you might have rented or looked at in the past is the fact that tower cranes are typically much taller. In some situations, a tower crane is the only crane type that is actually tall enough for the project that is being done.

They're Sometimes More Expensive to Rent

Because they are able to withstand conditions and help with projects that other crane types simply can't, tower cranes are very desirable. Be aware that they are more expensive for crane rental companies to buy, maintain, and repair, however. Therefore, rental costs might be higher than for other cranes from the same crane rental company. However, you'll probably find these higher rental costs to be worth it because of all of the different things that you can use a tower crane for.