Transporting Heavy Construction Equipment Across the Country: 3 Tips

If you need to transport a piece of heavy construction equipment a long distance across Australia, you will most likely be considering using a flatbed truck. Flatbed trucks help to minimise the risk of injury to others or damage to the machinery. However, if you are planning to use a flatbed truck to transport heavy machinery, it is important that you take steps to ensure the operation is carried out in a safe manner.

Potential Safety Hazards to Watch Out for When Using Electric Self-Erecting Tower Cranes in Construction Sites

Generally speaking, cranes are used for lifting heavy loads that can't be handled using standard forklift machines. The use of cranes is widespread in places with heavy material handling requirements, such as warehouses and construction sites. Purchasing crane equipment for your specific heavy lifting industrial applications is a major investment. Therefore, you must make sure you select the right crane type. Otherwise, you will be simply flushing lots of hard-earned money down the drain.

The Essential Skills Needed for Forklift Truck Operation

Becoming a qualified forklift truck driver opens up a lot of new job opportunities, vastly increasing your chances of finding employment in an enjoyable field. Forklifts are widely used throughout the working world, from construction sites and airports to huge distribution centres, where they're used to move stock and equipment and pick orders for shipping. Before you get started with your training, you should be aware of the skills needed to succeed as a forklift operator.

Four Tips for Saving Money When Hiring Earthmoving Equipment

Do you need to hire an earthmover or a grader to flatten your roads, prepare your building site or handle any other type of job? Worried that the cost of hiring heavy machinery may be too "heavy" for your budget? Then, take a look at these cost saving tips. 1. Hone in on the Right Size Earthmovers vary wildly in size. If you have to move huge amounts of dirt, you may need something such as the 75710 earthmover from Belaz.

Working at Height? 4 Alternatives to Scaffolding

When it comes to accessing heights for extended periods of work off the ground, scaffolding is pretty much the standard solution. It's reliable, stable and, assuming it's put together professionally, a safe way to reach higher levels. But it's not the only choice. Since scaffolding takes time to erect, which needs to be done by a properly trained and certified scaffolding company, it's not always the most convenient option. In some situations, there isn't even the space to set up a scaffold, or it might be impossible for other reasons, leaving you stuck.